Princeton, Get Ready!

Congratulations to Tennyson High School Puentista, Sajiwan Naicker who has been accepted to Princeton University. He is also the proud recipient of the Puente Statewide Academic and Leadership Award.

"Puente has been the best experience of my life for one specific reason. Puente has taught me that regardless of ethnicity or race, we are all the same. While that may sound cliche, let me explain myself. I am the only Fijian-Indian in my Puente class, and despite this fact, I have created a phenomenal bond with my classmates. They have always treated me as one of them, and they have taught me that the Indian proverb 'Vasudeva Kutumbakam' (The World is my Family) stand true to this day. We are all one big family, and regardless of what career we choose or where we stand in society, we must always remember this."
- Sajiwan Naicker
Tennyson HS Class of 2018